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We present to you the following elected and appointed positions for 2020/2021:

Elected Positions:

President: Mary Ann Sleece

1st Vice President: Diana Cullum

2nd Vice President: Keri Schumacher

Secretary: Cheryl Connors

Treasurer: Maxine Girard

Appointed Positions (as approved by Mary Ann Sleece - our newly elected President):

News Coordinator/Photographer: Debra Gibbons

New Member Coordinator: RoxzAnne Meisner

Events Coordinator: Mary Kylander

Events Administrator: Pat Martin

Historian/Parliamentarian: Laura Walter

Special Interest Group Coordinator: Laura Herriage

Website Coordinator: Lisa Lombardo

Website Developer: Aixa Aklan

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For info: Contact RoxzAnne Meisner at roxzanne.kwsc@gmail.com or 804-898-2181

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